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What is Bulk Emailing and how does it differ from SPAM?

Bulk Emailing is regarded as a legitimate online process......but only if you are sending Emails to customers or others who have specifically expressed an interest in your products, or those who have "opted in" or agreed to receive newsletters or product information from you. If necessary, you will need to prove that you have such authority, so keep appropriate records, particularly copies of "opt-in" Emails from the intended recipients of your bulk Emailing campaign.

If you don't have "express authority" to send an email or newsletter to an email address, you are guilty of "spamming" and if complaints are received by your ISP or Hosting company, your website and email facilities could be closed down without warning. "Spamming" is now an offence under European Community law and there are signs that it could also be outlawed in the United States.

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