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Can I use photographs of my business and products on my website?

Yes, you can use photographs of your business or products on your Website, but they must be converted into one of three web-specific graphic formats, which are identified by the suffixes - GIF, JPG or PNG. Althouth the latter is considered the best format it is not yet fully supported by all Browsers, so most web-graphics tend to be either GIF or JPG.

The photos must also be optimised for use on the web, which means that they must be substantially reduced in size (volume rather than physical dimensions) otherwise they will take too long to load when the site is being viewed.

One of the major problems faced by people surfing the Internet is the time it takes to load pages for viewing on the screen, and any Website which is too slow to load will probably lose the interest of its visitor before it completes the loading process. Whilst slow loading can be due to a variety of circumstances most of which have nothing to do with the Website being loaded, it is essential to ensure that web pages - and photos in particular - are not too large in volume terms.

As the GIF & JPG graphic formats actually compress their graphics considerably compared to other graphic formats and make them substantially smaller in volume terms, they help to keep web pages relatively small.

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