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What is an ISP and is it the same as a Web Hosting organisation?

An ISP - Internet Service Provider - is an organisation that provides internet access for their clients. The most well known ISPs in the UK are probably BT Internet, Pipex, Tiscali, Freeserve and AOL, although there are several others. Some ISPs provide free Internet access whilst others charge a monthly fee. Although most ISPs provide some web space for their clients to use to build a website, they do not normally provide a Domain-Name hosting facility. This means that you cannot build your website in the free space they provide using your own domain name like, for example, my-business-name.co.uk. This type of facility and service is normally provided by commercial Web Hosting companies.

As very few Web Hosting companies provide ISP services, most businesses require both an ISP to access the internet and a separate Web Hosting service in order to display their website using their own unique domain name.

WebLink4u provide hosting facilities through WebFusion, which is part of the Pipex Group.

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