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What is a Secure Server?

  1. Secure Server
    1. Is a web server that supports security protocols like SSL
    2. SSL encrypts data to protect it from being accessed by others
    3. The encrypted data is difficult to hack giving a high level of security
    4. Ideal for handling personal data and credit card details
    5. Essential when accepting online payment on ecommerce websites
    6. Secure sites are prefixed with HTTPS and display a locked lock
    7. SSL = Secure Sockets Layer
  2. Websites That Require a Secure Server
    1. Any website that handles personal data about individuals or customers
    2. This includes:
      1. Online customer accounts requiring login access
      2. Personnel files or records
    3. Ecommerce sites accepting online payment by credit card, etc
      1. When site owner processes credit card transactions directly
      2. Usually using a merchant account from a leading bank
  3. Websites That Don't Require a Secure Server
    1. Ecommerce sites where all credit card transactions are solely processed by a Payment Gateway like PayPal, WorldPay, Sage, etc
      1. Payment Gateways provide their own Secure Server, removing the necessity for a site owner to duplicate the security
      2. However, will still be required if options 2a & 2b apply
    2. Standard business brochure-style or information sites
    3. Any site that does not process personal information about individuals

Updated: 06/05/2019
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