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How can Social Media benefit website owners?

  1. Social Media - aka Social Networking
    1. Social networking sites are extremely popular worldwide
    2. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube have millions of dedicated users
    3. Active business users can tap into this massive following
    4. SEs like Google reward successful social media businesses
    5. Social media is about building relationships and trust
    6. To be successful you must:
      • be very enthusiastic and proactive
      • be prepared to invest a lot of time & effort every single day
      • create interesting content which attracts a strong following
    7. If you don't have the time or the inclination, don't do it!
    8. There's no benefit in doing it just because everyone else does
  2. Facebook
    1. A Facebook business account is one of the best places to start
    2. You need meaningful quality content to build contacts & relationships
    3. The content should have wide appeal and be of interest to users
    4. Become friends of other users to promote your own business
    5. High degree of networking is essential & extremely important
  3. Twitter
    1. A Twitter business account can also be extremely beneficial
    2. However, to build a following you need to be a highly focused tweeter
    3. Join groups related to your industry & engage in twitter chats
    4. Become a source of quality knowledge about your industry
    5. Be prepared to tweet frequently and keep it interesting
  4. YouTube
    1. Ideal visual facility for marketing & promoting your business
    2. An entertaining business video could be viewed by millions
    3. A home-made video can have as much impact as a professional one
    4. Superb way to promote new products or provide help & guidance
  5. Blogs
    1. A business news blog is an ideal way to break into social media
    2. Site owners write about their products, business & related matters
    3. New blogs must be added frequently - preferably every day
    4. Search engines pay particular attention to blogs so well worth doing
  6. Conclusions
    1. Engaging in social media should be considered by all businesses
    2. But only if they are prepared to be proactive and invest a lot of time
    3. It can take months, even years, to get properly established
    4. It is not for the faint hearted, impatient, or get rich quick brigade
    5. You need patience, perseverance & proactive approach to succeed

Updated: 06/05/2019

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