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What are the main hosting options available for business use

  1. Website Hosting for Business Users
      1. There are basically two main options
        1. Own and operate your own dedicated internet server
        2. Rent hosting services from a dedicated hosting company
  2. Owner Operated Internet Server
      1. Gives site owner 100% control of all website activities
      2. Requires in-depth knowledge of server operating systems, languages and protocols
      3. May require experienced IT staff and downtime backup facilities
      4. Can be expensive to operate and maintain services 24/7
  3. Rent Hosting Services
      1. The most popular rented hosting services for business are:
        1. Shared Hosting
        2. Cloud Hosting
        3. Managed Shared Hosting
        4. Virtual Private Server
        5. Dedicated Private Server
  4. Shared Hosting
      1. Inexpensive and very popular with business users, particularly SMEs
      2. Widely available from a range of hosting companies
      3. You rent a fixed volume of web space, usually on an annual basis
      4. Support for high-end facilities like databases and scripting languages is usually more expensive
      5. Some knowledge of server operating systems may be required
      6. With this service you share a single IP Address with other websites
  5. Cloud Hosting
      1. Almost identical to shared hosting
      2. Your web space is shared within a network of different servers
      3. Arguably better than sharing on a single server
      4. Possibly ongoing security issues that may take years to resolve
  6. Virtual Private Server - VPS
      1. More expensive but increasing in popularity with business users
      2. You rent a fixed volume of web space, usually on an annual basis
      3. Includes a dedicated IP Address - no more sharing with others
      4. Almost like running your own dedicated private server
      5. Requires a fairly high knowledge of server systems & protocols
      6. Web designer may be able to manage VPS on your behalf
  7. Dedicated Private Server - DPS
      1. Substantially more expensive than a VPS
      2. You rent a complete server giving you exclusive use
      3. Usually includes at least one dedicated IP Address
      4. Requires a high knowledge of server systems & protocols
      5. May require dedicated IT staff or 3rd Party to manage system

Updated: 06/05/2019
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